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1. Holiness is seen in the way we worship the Lord. ONE CANNOT WORSHIP THE LORD AND ENTERTAIN THE CHURCH. I Was watching a mega church on You Tube, the songs were hymns and the folks were dressed smart, worship was unemotional, calm, but I felt the Holy Ghost. It was very moving. It’s like this, God can show up apart from the music and touch your soul!. If you need good music, God don’t! By the way what is good music? Music that is toward him! (Psalm 96:9).

2. HOLINESS is purity of heart and transparency of soul. A man can come to church, lift his hands and worship yet in his mind, something else is going on. He’s thinking of  his problems, his bills, his work. Hypocrisy wont you say. Don’t be mad, that man was me! now if I go to church God has my ATTENTION and my DEVOTION. PRAY: God create me a clean heart of God. Let me be transparent before you. let me no pray a lie! (Psalm51:10).

3. Holiness is discovered in the way a man preaches. Again, one’s heart is seen by the Lord. The congregation sees the style and the smile the joke and the class. But God sees the heart! (1 Sam 16;17) PRAY: O God help me not be deceptive in the pulpit before you, may I be before others what I am before you!

4. Holiness in conversation. (1 Peter 1;15) When in debate, refuse to get into carpal contention that is strife, where we loose our composure and our witness. We acknowledge that it is the Lord that brings revelation and understanding to the mind and that to the mind of the seeker. It is fruitless to engage in debate with a critic and a fool. No matter how profound his edition or his intelligence he cannot receive the things of the spirit for they are foolishness to him. (1 Cor 2;14. Eph 1:18).

5. Paul contended for the faith and so must we righteous men contend for truth. (Jude 3). The gift of God is them knows its right to contend for the faith. The gift of God in then knows its right to defend the faith once delivered. Works don’t make us holy but because we are the redeemed we “works the works” that Jesus said we aught to do.

6.  Holiness is not a teaching for holiness folks, holiness is for everyone. Holiness has a part in every believers life. “Be ye holy as I am holy saith the LORD.” (1 Peter 1;15-17). Holiness is not a pentecostal teaching, holiness is the Lord’s teaching. If you are following the lord you aught to preach holiness

7. Holiness is not a denomination. I know some folks that wont talk to you unless you are in their organisation or denomination. That’s sad. If they wont talk to one who is born of water and spirit like them, sure they aint going to witness to the pagan and the scoundrel out there! Wouldn’t  you agree? Jesus went to the unclean, so did Peter. Holy people witness to the unclean, why God came and witnessed to you di he not, while you were unclean too. The bible tells us while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Put your name there. My name is there too. “While we were yet sinners” we were of the same family tree and now yours in Christ you tell you can’t join me! (Romans 5:8).

8. Holiness is what you have in not what you have on. Now let me say it like this, what you wear don’t make you holy. There are no holy clothes. But.. when man’s heart is right with God he looks good. When sisters heart is right with God she don’t dress to seduce she dresses to worship. (Lev 11:44). 

PRAY: God make me holy, separate me O LORD Purify my mind, my attitude, my will, my worship. so that I may be a holy vessel unto they name. Amen