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Welcome to Pentecostal.tv. This is a faith mission of Brother Paul, I say faith because my passion is to the one true Deity, Jesus Christ and the gospel of his kingdom. I felt the Lord tell me to start building online what you desire to see offline. My lifelong passion has for many years to have a studio where we see great preaching, listen to gospel artists and discover truth of Jesus as God. Well, lets start of with what what we got then God will add, what we need! Limitation is no barrier to Vision.

I believe in the bible as the words of God and I believe Jesus as God. I believe Gods WORD who is JESUS
(John1;1,14 JOHN 6:63) Jesus is the invisible God made visible God manifested in the flesh. (1 Tim 3;16) The Bible is therefore the revelation of God in written form. ┬áJesus is the revelation of God in the flesh. So many folks who believe the bible have no revelation of the God in the flesh, that is why we have religion. Jesus himself did not come to give us religion but revelation, the revelation of him being God himself (1 John 5:20). So to know scriptures is one thing but its in Jesus we get LIFE. (John 5:39) He is God’s revelation and the revelation of God. He who sees JESUS knows God. (John 14:9).

VALUES: The apostles revelation (Gal 1:8-12). The apostles calling (1 Cor 15;3-9).The apostles doctrine (Acts 2:42) The apostles gospel (1 Cor 15;1 Acts 2;38) The Apostles God ( Titus 2;13 2 Peter 1:1). The Apostles Signs and wonders ( 1 Cor 2;4 ) The apostles church (Acts 20:28).

SPECIFICS: There is ONE God (Deut 6:4)  There is ONE faith (Jude v3) There is ONE Baptism (Eph 4:5- 6). There is ONE gospel (Acts 10:38-40) There is ONE name given among men by which they ALL should be saved (Acts 4:12). HOW? By the ONE Way (John 14:6 1 John Acts 2;38).

PHILOSOPHY OF MISSION: We spend to much time as God what is my gift, understand this “Every man is a gift” God wants to use you. YOU are the gift God is sending to the nations!

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