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Experience your Awakening

Awakening is when a mans soul arises to a new found revelation, truth awakens his mind, the Spirit awakens his zeal, new fire arises in his life just as the sun arises in the morning haze. A new day begins. This new beginning is when he encounters the REVELATION of the God/man Jesus the Christ. […]

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1. Holiness is seen in the way we worship the Lord. ONE CANNOT WORSHIP THE LORD AND ENTERTAIN THE CHURCH. I Was watching a mega church on You Tube, the songs were hymns and the folks were dressed smart, worship was unemotional, calm, but I felt the Holy Ghost. It was very moving. It’s like […]

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Christianities hottest topic and here’s why. Christianity as we know it, brings in “trinity.” Christianity as the apostles knew it brought us Jesus. They had no doubts that God was one,  neither did they doubt his deity. The problems of the early church was not the rejection of the Lords deity but rather the rejection […]

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The Believers Bible Study

THE BELIEVERS BIBLE STUDY 20 Lessons including: The Believers Responsibility The Believer and Public Worship The Believers Righteousness in Christ Jesus The Believers inheritance The Believers Life in Christ The Believer as a Missionary ….. A topical study for Believers for home devotion. COMING SOON

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