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50 Grace keys for Lawbreakers, liberals and the New legalists

Great peace have they that love thy law (Psalm 119:165).

I am believing God for an awakening an awakening to the truth of the oneness of god or the one true God and his salvation. Part of that objective includes some teaching on the LAW that I feel will be productive to the keen GOD CHASER and TRUTH SEEKER.

The problem with the law is that believers have made the “law” a problem. In reality the law identifies our problem. Our problem with the law is that we have a problem in keeping it. The law is not the problem, we are. Lawlessness is rampant, and indeed always has been, but we see lawlessness today because men cannot keep themselves in line or under a law, that is, when man lacks an internal moral order he reacts negatively to any law including the law of God.

GRACE KEY #1 Grace existed before Paul. Grace allowed Adam to live 900 years, even after he sinned.* The Law is not a killer, sin is a killer, the wages of sin is death. When a person lives in sin he is in bondage to the law of sin and death. When a person dwells in Christ, the law of life in Christ frees him from the law of sin and death. (Ro 6:7. Rom 7:1-4 Ro 8:2). Romans 7 speaks of ones death to sin. One does not die to the law. As a buried man, the law of sin and death has no more power over him. Buried with him in baptism he walks as a new man.

Grace existed before the incarnate God gave us Calvary, grace existed in God who is full of grace.(1 Peter 5:10).. Grace is an attribute of his nature, he’s full off grace, his nature has never changed. God does not change. Just because God went from type and shadow to reality and substance, God and man, does not mean he changed from bad God to good God. No! God always has had graced never lacked it. Even in his judgements and punishments he had grace. All his ways are Perfect and full of grace.

Think of this, with every statement of “justice” there is an equal amount of “grace” available. For example in Luke Jesus says, “Nay I tell you except ye repent ye shall likewise perish.” (Luke 13:2-5).Here grace is available if you repent, both are options. if you don’t repent, punishment is given. Here’s another warning, “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth” Here we see love and chastisement, both are options, the one as much available as the other.(Prov 3:11-12. Heb 12:5,6 Rev 3;19).

GRACE KEY #2 Keeping the Ten Commandments, is good and right. The commandments reveal God as one. When a man says he does not adhere to the law of God, he is shunning the oneness of God and its truth. He thereby denies the oneness of God and his grace. (Deut 6:4 Ex 20:1-17).

GRACE KEY #3 legalism. A man is not a legalist because he preaches the Old Testament laws. Legalism is making anything legal that is not biblical, thats a legalist. One who like the pharisees, relies on mans interpretation more than Gods law. One can love grace and be a legalist. One can love grace and deny oneness, thats legalism! He making legal whats illegal and preaches whats unlawful as God’s law is a legalist.

GRACE KEY #4 a legalist is not one who preaches truth and repentance that accompanies baptism in Jesus name for the remission sins, if that were true Peter was a legalist. (Acts 1;38). In fact Peter preached the commandments of the lord (Acts 1;1,2). preaching the commandments of the lORD does not make a man a legalist.

GRACE KEY #5 Law and grace are not opposites. Those who teach us that a man is not saved by works, would have us think that law and grace are opposites. Let me say this, grace does not save a man, God does, the law does not save, God does. God’s saves a man whether he is a law abiding man or not. Christ calls lawbreakers to repentance. Think of this Moses the murderer, Noah the drinker, David the adulterer are the heroes of the Old covenant, their life story is written in the very book that gives us ten commandments. That is proof of God’s grace, under the law, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, he didn’t die for us after we got grace, no he died in order for us to get grace.

David said, The law of the LORD is perfect restoring the soul (Psalm 19:7 NASB). Great peace have they that love thy law (Psalm 119:165 ).

*it is estimated that Adam sinned anytime between 0 and 130 years, however no-one knows for certain, but he died at 930.