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Rebaptised into the Name

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Have you been baptised by man or baptised by Jesus.? Jesus is the baptiser. He came to baptise that is wash away the sins of men, those who would believe in his name.  His name means “salvation” hence there is no salvation without the name, there is no baptism without the name, there is no remission sins without the name, Jesus declared to the disciples to go everywhere baptising into his name (Mt 28:19) the name given under heaven by which all men should be saved (Acts 4). Maybe you are one to whom your salvation has grown stale, you feel far from God and this is the reason, you had religion but not God’s name put on you the day you got baptised. I’ve been there too! The most incredible life change happens when we get, like Paul get a revelation of God and his name and are baptised by Jesus, into his name. (Acts 9:14-18).

1.Acts 19:1-6 the rebaptism of those baptised into repentance only, Those who had not taken on the name of Jesus in baptism.
2.Peters message through the Holy Ghost. Brings salvation to the Jews acts (2:38).
3. Jesus the baptiser (John 3:22. Matt 3:11 Romans 6:3-4)
4.Paul’s ebook on Amazon 9 Reasons Why You Should Be Baptised in Jesus Name available on Amazon for immediate download