Revival is a work of God through the word of Man

TO see it like the Apostle saw it we have to Preach it like they knew it

The world is not bettered by our man made Signs and wonders. we need the REAL STUFF casting out devils, raising the dead, healing the sick. What the apostles wrought is our benchmark,  we can faint and fall as much as we want. I want to JESUS in the house… Real repentance… God moving on the man in the pew as the preacher preaches the truth… not after an altar call but before the altar call.. AS HE PREACHES THE POWER FALLS… thats what I can God “confirming the word WITH signs following!” (Mark 16;20). An indisputable revival, one that SHUTS THE MOUTHS OF LIONS and opens the mouth of the True Lion of JUDAH.


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Revival is here.. it's in You, your city, your church, its in YOU

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