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Christianities hottest topic and here’s why. Christianity as we know it, brings in “trinity.” Christianity as the apostles knew it brought us Jesus. They had no doubts that God was one, ┬áneither did they doubt his deity. The problems of the early church was not the rejection of the Lords deity but rather the rejection of his humanity, hence we see in Johns gospel an emphasis on his human attributes, the Son of man (ch2) The Son of God (CH1) The teacher (ch3) The bread of life (ch6) The good shepherd (ch10) The king (ch12:12-15) The servant (ch13) The consoler (ch14) The intercessor (Ch17) The suffering one (ch18) followed by an explanation of his deity in Chapter 20 as The conqueror of death and restorer of the fallen (ch21).

John goes to the extreme where he tells us of Jesus eating fish (ch21). The God man dining with the disciples after his resurrection, yes as man he eat and as Deity he dined with them. They had no doubt as to his divinity it was his humanity they questioned … today the table has turned. Folks ask “who is God!” they cannot accept Jesus as God, this proves to me all the more that we must preach his oneness ┬áto an even more sceptical people. The gospel has to be all the more declared which is the gospel of his death burial and resurrection and how we can receive his life through accepting his death, burial and resurrection and making it ours in order that we too can follow him and be followers of him.

See Paul’s gospel belief (1 Cor 15:1-8).
John’s epistle revealing the man they walked with (John 1:1 with 1 John 1:1).
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