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The Name of Jesus

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The gospels are a “mirror” of God which reveals him who is the “image” of the true God. By “image” we mean the true reality and the perfection of that which is unseen. An image is not just a reflection of the reality but it is the true reality of the invisible. Jesus is then the invisible God made visible, through Jesus we see God. Apart from Jesus God could not be seen. Now in the gospel we see the True MAN, Matthew states it like this, Behold the King. Mark, behold the servant, Luke, Behold the man and John, Behold your God. Matthew and John describing his deity, Mark and Luke revealing the man and his humanity. The four faces of the God man. Some would have us think that the New testament is just a story of Jesus, however here we see that it is an unfolding of him that is the Lord God and his incarnate state as man coming to give us our redemption and salvation.