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Can I share the revelation of Jesus Christ with you.

Jesus said except a man be born of water and Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven (John 3:5). Peter obeyed Jesus for in acts we see the water and spirit salvation in real life taking place. (Acts 2:38). Repent and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I believe this great truth is for us today
and its not preached anymore. We are preaching a half truth and so see half hearted believers in our faith. Many preach an “asking Jesus into their heart” message and never go beyond this into preaching the real gospel salvation message that the apostles preached that has real power. The message of salvation that shook the Jews and awoke the Gentiles (Acts 10:44-47).

This truth brought thousands into the church in Peters day and will do the same for you. Why, its the real salvation. I believe we can see these three super signs as I call them, taking place in our church every Sunday and why not. If Peter used them as the keys to unlock salvation to both Jews and gentiles then God can use you to unlock salvation to those in this generation and in your city too.

I believe your life, ministry  and church will enter a new awakening as you allow the Word and The Holy Ghost to reveal these truths to you. These same truth transformed my love for Jesus and my ministry took on fresh fire and purpose.

Be a part of the Awakening. We have to get it like the apostles had it if we want to see it like they saw it.

If you need me to chat one on one or come to your church and preach revivals. I’m willing!
Yours in his service. or if you need to personally discuss these life changing truths please don’t hesitate to contact me. In the meantime you may read my Page on Amazon at your leisure

Brother Paul.

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