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Power Partner

VISION: To preach the original gospel of Jesus, his death burial and resurrection, as Peter and Paul preached it. If we can preach it like they preached it then we shall see it like they saw it

Thank you for Being a partner in Ministry. Together we can do more than if we were alone. Together we can go where as one we would never go. Together we can preach in places where alone we may never visit. Together we can touch lives and preach Jesus. Partner with me Paul B Thomas in online missions as well as preaching in UK and USA. Online through the electronic page, media, audio and video, offline through revivals and church meetings, small group meet-ups and others. Please use the Botton below for single or further payments as you so desire.

Thank you and the Lord bless you always
Brother Paul


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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