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….The book! Today we don’t see the book in the pulpit, the pew or the believers pocket! The preacher does not read from the book, he uses an app, “we’ve moved on” they tell us, it helps us get our sermons together and makes it easier to preach now. Yes “easy preaching!” I’m not against apps, but I do know the distractions of going online to find a sermon and using social apps to formulate a sermon, that God did not give me. Further the phone in the church is a distraction not a blessing, folks find it oh so easy to search facebook rather than have their face in God’s book while the preacher is preaching……



We have moved on brother Paul, we use modern technology like the app, its more efficient and easier for preachers… I’m all for technology, I’m using it here on but we are witnessing something more than just the bible taken out of our hands, we are seeing the bible missing from the pulpit, the bible missing from the home, the bible missing from the school room.

Sure we have apps, but have you ever thought that one day the apps could be stopped, or replaced. What if those who bring us apps decide not to bring us the bible app anymore what of the app disappears, where’s the bible then? 

Do you know how we first got the biblE, it was through martyrdom that you and I today, (well some of us) have a printed copy of the bible, yes folks were burned at the stake for translating the bible in English so that through the English language the gospel would go into all the world.

We don’t use the printed page today in the church house therefore thy have a printed bible in our home? Why have a bible store? What happens when we have no more printed bibles what happens when we no longer have bible stores?

What about education our children, we are told that this generation does not read like previous generations, is it any wonder then why pastor’s are always saying that church folks don’t read the bible anymore.

NB… Help me start a movement that gets the bible back into our homes and into our hearts, into our pulpits and into the pews. These are just excerpts taken from a booklet I have produced entitled

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