Baptism, You Cant Leave Sin without it!

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Someone said why do you baptise into the name of Jesus. well because Jesus told us to do all things in his name () If you were to hold an event you I am sure would post a contact name to it, You are the contact person for your event. Im sure you would not want the folks who are planning to turn up to it, contact another event holder across town and go to his event when its your event, you are advertising

The name of Jesus tells me that this baptism is an event Jesus is holding! He is the baptiser and the one performing at the event today. O Glory, baptism into his family and the name that bears it. This my friend makes you and I a “baptised one” candidates for the preaching of the gospel to all nations… in his name (Acts 4;12. Matt 28;19. Col 3;17).

I don’t know about you but I belie that’s the greatest Job description in the world and more than that it comes with the free offer of eternal life. Now thats alone is worth going to one of the Jesus events!


Back in 96 I went to a Jesus event. I was challenged by a pentecostal preacher who is preaching what I am today, praise the lord. He told me about how folks were baptised into Jesus name for the remission their sins. well sounded ok but it wasn’t for me. I told him I was already baptised and the details dont matter as I knew Jesus. Well I was stubborn I went back to my home and returned to Wales.

Well I must have been wrong somewhere because what he said bothered me. I began to search Isaiah and the test drew me. I mean it pulled at my made me thing deeper. “I am the lord there is none other” and  and many similar verses in Isaiah. I began to see yes God was one. Then I thought if he is one then his one name must be Jesus, because that is the name above all names.

The I looked at acts and tried to find out of anyone had taken on the name in acts in baptism, and I found out that’s exactly what they did. I tried to find our of anyone was converted the roman road way of asking Jesus into their heart like I had done many years ago, and couldn’t find anyone, not one person the bible was converted like me! I must be in heaven all by myself.

I knew I was wrong. I went and told my 80 years old mother I’m going back to Texas to repent before the preach and ask him to baptise m into the name of Jesus for the remission of my sins according to the scriptures (acts 238)

Friend. I want to be saved don’t you. I want it like the apostles had it. If we want to see it like they saw it then we have to believe it like their beloved it. No point in asking God for a mighty revival unless we are willing to be the first candidate. How about you my friend have you been to a Jesus event, a baptism where you take on the name for yourself, yes thats event you down want to miss. You may have to go six thousand miles like me, but of theres water nearby! yes water nearby, what doth hinder you? (Acts 8;36) An event in his name held by Jesus himself where he alone baptised you into his family. There’s salvation in no other name for no other name if given under heaven among men by which they can be saved. Welcome to the Jesus family the greatest family on earth.

Photo: Baptism in Monroe County KY

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LIFE EVER-MORE For the Baptised one.

The reality of Life can not be understood other than first man confronting the reality of death. When a man experiences baptism into the name of Jesus for the remission his sins, it is said that he has indeed died to self and sin. The old man and his nature is buried with Christ in the watery grave and is resurrected as a new man, the new creation in Christ. It is this confrontation with death that enables a man to say with all confidence that he fears not death, for it is indeed an event behind him. from now on he lives, and is forevermore alive in Christ (Romans 6).
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