Arguing with the God haters on facebook

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Q Arguing with the God haters and oneness mockers on facebook… With so much argument on facebook with trinitarians, are we being led into a trap where we are just waiting out time and getting onto argument rather than seeing souls won to the Lord. What’s your opinion? 

A. For my response to this I will repost some notes I listed in  One God Apostolic Pentecostals on facebook entitled: 
The quickest way to shut down Trinitarian arguments on facebook is to refrain from replying. I can’t help but think that most want want likes and replies more than answers and truth…. such is a trend by facebook users who love arguments but have no interest in truth. I’ve seen our brethren quote scripture after scriptures yet still they refuse the truth and continue the argument. Do these guys really want truth, of course not. they want attention, they want to waste your time and make you look crazy. So what’s the best approach, stay away from arguments. Didn’t Paul say that in scriptures? avoid them, I’ve got better things to do haven’t you?

Additional Note: I was a trinitarian, but I got on my knees for six months and sought scriptures I read John and Isaiah over and over again, I asked no man for his ideas and I avoided argument. I wanted truth and found it in scriptures. My point here was any genuine seeker of truth will first go to scriptures not force an argument on facebook

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