The Hair Issue and The Law

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Pastor Nederi Duncan on oneness apostolic pentecostals worldwide on facebook posted this excellent question

Q. All Apostolic one God believers believes a woman should not cut or be shaven her one of our tribes when a family members dies every woman in that family must be shaven to proof that she has no hands in that death as a result of witchcraft.failure to accept to be shaven all fingers point at her and she is rejected !in such situation what does one supposed to do?

A.My response: This is an excellent question my friend. May I answer your question in two parts.

These “non essentials” cannot be applied to every cultured every woman. Paul’s advice was to a certain culture. He was not advising the American or British culture or African either. African ladies have short hair from birth there is no way for them to grow their hair long. Now how can Paul’s advice then apply to them or be applied to them. The difference should always be seen in the fundamental law of God and the law of Moses . Law that God gives man and laws that man gives man, A careful study of scriptures will then reveal what laws have been abolished by Christ at his coming in the flesh and Calvary And the law that continues, ie the ten commandments, God’s laws, which is forever and should be obeyed by all.

Moseslaw was the temporary, ceremonial law of the Old Testament. It regulated the priesthood, sacrifices, rituals, meat and drink offerings, etc., all of which foreshadowed the cross. (2 Chron 35;12). And indeed abolished by it.

Moses law the law contained in ordinances (Ephesians 2;15) and God’s law called the royal law as in (James 2;8 Ex 31;13). For all irrespective of ordinances

Moses law added because of sin (Gal 3;19 Col 2;14) whereas God’s law continues for ever, Existing before sin (Ro 7;7 Ro 3;20) and should be obeyed forever.

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