Possessed by The Life

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In him was life. (John1;4).

That is salvation. Our God is a saving God. He is not an abstract God but an ever present God who is involved in every detail and situation in our lives. In this verse he is called “the Life”

He had so much life that death could not possess him, touch him or come near to him, why “in him was life”

The Life that was the light of men was indissolubly possessed by Jesus to the extremest point where he was and he is the bread of life (6;48) Whatever food he gives is living food, life to all flesh, whatever he gives is life, to all flesh. the living person is identified with living food. WORDS of eternal life.
Whenever a man feeds on Jesus words he is satisfied, he is fed to the full, he has a meal unlike any other, his soul is nourished, his body is energised, his mind is stimulated, Its a meal like no other. A man can sit down at a diner table read newspaper while eating his food and leave the restaraunt dissatisfied and disturbed because the news before him disturbed his thinking even thought he eat the best of steak. Now with Jesus you cannot partake of this menu and leave the table  unmotivated, or unchanged, his bread changes the whole man, mentally soulically and spiritually from head to toe.

In him was life. This life is an inward power. From him everything derives its energy. “In his was life” indicates an unlimited state of life. Life begins in him not us. HE  said “I am the resurrection and the life.”(11;25) This word  resurrection greek “Anastasis” from “ana” meaning up and  “sta” the root of “istemi” to stand. He makes men “stand up” his words make men stand-up when they are feeling low, he causes  men to arise when they are bowed down. His words cause resurrection, no wonder then he could speak and all things in heaven and on earth would pay attention.

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1;4,5NIV) or “could not wrestle it down” as another version states. What hope, what joy, what peace, what confidence. Hope in troubled days, uncertain days, unknown days, dark days. He throws light into it and comes to us himself.

Psalm 91:16 “with long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.
” MY SALVATION” that is, my presence, my person, my word, my bread, my life, my resurrection.

The Lord will show you his LIFE his SALVATION yes he will, yes he will, His salvation in all things. His salvation as to the saving from destruction, his salvation from the noisy pestilence, and to the keeping in all your ways. His salvation as in preservation in your going out and your coming in. His salvation over your household and kinfolk, no disease shall come nigh your dwelling. His salvation as to the saving of the soul and the washing away of all sins. Thank you Jesus for a salvation. Your gift to us today in your name amen.

Have a blessed salvation Day.

( Psalm 91 and Acts 2;38).


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