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Experience Experience the person of Jesus and  His omnipresence 
Part three of the Course: New Man Possibilities. The Resurrection Experience
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QUESTION; is it possible to be in the presence of Jesus and not know it. is it possible to be in the presence of Jesus and not know him? 

I believe is and the above scripture proves this to be true the disciples were with Jesus for three and a half years, he was absent for three days and when he returned they knew him not.

The key here Is how do we know him, in the flesh or in the spirit. Do we know Jesus as God or do we see Jesus as the Son of God? Do we still know him as he was then in Galilea a son or is is it true that two thousand years later we realise that this man as like All men has not stayed a son but like us has become a father, the Father of us all.

Secondly, Is the waiting for Jesus to come a denial of his very presence as God with us? You’re having a revival, you exclaim the Lord is here, yet get up and preach a message on his coming very soon, may I ask what exactly do you believe? Is here here or is he not here?

Oh I know many would say well brother Paul we are waiting for Jesus to come physically in person, which brings me to my point, there is no difference between persons. The spirit and the body are one person where the spirit of the Lord is, Jesus is. Where the Lord is the spirit is, for the Lord is that Spirit. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Lord.

Secondly, since the Lord is that spirit then there is no difference between his physical presence and his abiding presence, for he is one. His abiding presence is far more real to us than the physical presence the disciples had because he switch us. He cannot leave us. The disciples knew him but he came and he went. That was because fo his physical limitations. No man can have a friend that sticks with them 24/7 yet Jesus was described as a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

In his omnipresence he is with us and with all of us. He is as much with TDJakes in Dallas Texas as he is with you in London England. Now that was not possible while he was here physically on earth for a man cannot be with everyone who believes in him at the same time daily let alone eternally, yet as the Lord God he can.

Lo I am with you. He is with us, everyone of us, everyone who reads those worlds, that’s who he is talking to. This is a greater revelation and reality of his presence

Some folks are waiting for him to come back as a physical person to the temple yet they fail to see that he will not go back to limiting himself just to a group of people, no matter how large or small that group of city or nation may be. He is God unlimited over all, and in us all. he is omnipresence in nature and God Emmanuel God with us by name. and both his nature and his name tell us he is  with us.

A temple cannot hold him and a church is too small for him, he is in us all, all that receive his Spirit. Have Jesus in them Christ in us the hope of Glory

Dispensationalism has destroyed these incredible truths. John Derby taught us that there is a dispensation of the father and another of the son and another of the spirit but dispensationalism is trinitarianism, it’s a false concept built of a false foundation. God my friend is one and it is therefore God’s time anytime. It is God’s time all the time. Jesus is God forever not for a season. God is God forever not just a season Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever

Many claim that the book of acts is about the dispensation of the Holy Ghost with us, this is not true for in acts we read, “and the “Lord” was working with them in mighty signs and wonders.” So there is no differentiations between his physical time with us and his abiding time with us.

One should be as conscious his ABIDING presence as the apostles were of his PHYSICAL presence in fact his abiding presence is all the more real to us for it makes Jesus with us, all of us simultaneously and immediately.

Back to the text. The Jews wondered who he was before his death and then after his death, thy knew not his presence as the deity while he was in he flesh or in the spirit AS HE WALKED AMONG THEM. They knew not God. We have a greater revelation for he is in us and with us.

Jesus is our God.

1. Who is Jesus to you, a son or God?
2. The sonship was temporal yet his fatherhood is forever. Give the scripture for this!
3. When did the sonship begin?
4. What role does Jesus play now?
5. How is Jesus with us today?

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