RIOT…The Rioters Guide to Justice

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Khan the London Mayor says “the capital has uncomfortable truth with historical links to slavery.” May I suggest that the discomfort is felt not because of a statue but because those with issues of hatred and bitterness in them fail to deal with their own historical past. I’m talking of your own personal history. You have to pull down the image you have of yourself first, the image that you are nothing, the image that you are a failure, the image that you are no good. It is a pointless endeavour to take down statutes when the real core problem lies in human heart and soul.

History cannot be obliterated and that’s the problem folks have with themselves yes themselves. Folks fail to confront their own past hence they go on a rampage to tear down the physical while themselves remain a slave in their heart to their own past.

History is a reminder not to repeat the past. and those that don’t recognise it will become victims of it. The statutes teach us about the good times and also the bad times and history cannot be eradicated. History is not our history, history is essential to our wellbeing now and teaches us how to deal with injustice and wrongdoing.

Pull Down your Image and Statue First! the one you have of your Past failures, injustice done to you, abuse you received …

When I first went to America in the 90s I was happy that there americas had so much pride in their history, I love history. The very fact that America loves a hero, fascinated me. land of the free! when folks demonstrate because they hate statues, just agues me to think that these same folks have no pride in their nations history, they cant celebrate it, yet they choose to live there? Thats hypocrisy, better for the hypocrites to leave and allow folks who love the US to enter in.  I for one would exchange with you. If you dont like your freedom then emigrate to Europe or China. Then lets see if you will complain!

Heres the issue, If you want justice, deal with you own personal past first. Ask God to forgive you, and then forgive others who have hurt you. Go on your own riot, start with you, your attitude, anger and hate. START A PERSON RIOT OVER YOUR OWN ISSUES. Ask god for forgiveness and healing. This alone brings freedom from one’s past. Pull down your own statutes first! 


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