Three Kinds of Brothers

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There are vagabond brothers (as Cain and Abel. Genesis 4;1-2).
There are prodical brothers (as the prodigal and elder brother. Luke 15:11-32).
There are the friend that sticks close than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).
There are covenant brothers (as David and Jonathan. 1 Sam 18:1-4).

Vagabonds, brothers despise the gift of brotherhood.
Prodicals, squander the gift of brotherhood.
Covenant brothers celebrate the gift of brotherhood.

Vagabonds refuse to take responsibility for their brother, they look out for themselves. They don’t see the spiritual, they only see the natural. This is why they say “he can look out for himself!” indeed he can but the value of being a brothers keeper is that one who provides the brother with bread gets to eat of his portion, and partake of his honour.

Covenant brothers value their friendship and so achieve more together than they could ever achieve alone. Vagabond brothers out of jealousy care not about their brothers well being, for they value possessions and land far more than they do friendship. Cain asked “Am I my brothers keeper keeper” the answer is “yes!” but because he could not keep (protect, provide and love) his brother, he lost him and every blessing that would have come his way had he been his brothers keeper.

PRAYER; God today help me to see my brother as my friend, one that sticks closer than a brother. help me to be that!

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