Attached to the Anointing

“BLOOD BROTHERS” this week on

Jonathan was Saul’s son in the flesh, yet was David’s brother in the spirit. He was attached to Saul’s house yet attracted to David anointing.

So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David.. and Jonathan again caused David to vow, because he loved him; for he loved him as his own soul (1 Samuel 20:16,17).

Many today are faced with such a dilemma, should I stick with Saul or follow David, family tradition or new day anointing, the new move of God coming or the old move of god going. The new king and the new way or the old thing and the old way? Loyalty to tradition and family is healthy, yet when the tradition is the tradition of men that hinders what God wants to do, then one must choose to follow the anointing of God. I want David’s anointing don’t you! It is time for a new move of God and I want to be a part of it.

PRAYER: Lord I covenant to see a fresh awakening in my city my nation in your name Jesus. I stand with my brother to see your greatness. My brother shall be God’s warrior to do exploits. I speak promotion, life and victory over him, all the days of his life, amen.

Paul ThomasComment