The King came Looking for Me..

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God will seek me out today, whatever my condition, wherever I am God will come to me and helpmeet to my royal play.

Is there anyone of the house of Saul that I may show kindness for Jonathans sake

Never devaluate who you are. Your present living condition is no barrier to your position as God’s servant. What has royalty to do with humanity? Why does David need to show kindness to a stranger? Kings don’t have to go out of their way to help anyone, a king has all he needs, why bother with a pauper, why seek out a beggar. What king chooses to look for a subject when he has servants, contenders and warriors at his disposal? The answer, only those who know the value of covenant and the importance of a friend would truly go looking for another to promote and bring to his table. Surely we can say of the Lord, he sought me out, he came my way. he took me to his table. The king came to me. Not many can claim to have had a royal visit, but you can!

Paul ThomasComment