Christmas or the Incarnation?

How did God send a son take place with him being found as a seed in Mary’s womb. How can God send a son who is a person and that person become a seed in a womb of a woman and become a person again. That’s the absurdity of trinitarian thinking, God has no Son. God did not send from heaven a person who was his Son! The one called by men, “son” was God. It was God who came to us, in fashion “as” a man (Phil 2;8). as man he was called son, but who he was and always was and always will be is God. So we at this time worship JESUS as GOD for thats who is is and always has been. and we at this season should think of that. That my friend is the real message thats been covered over and overlooked.

The gospels were not given to tells the story of a son, the gospels were given to to reveal to us the the story of the incarnation, God coming in the flesh in order to give himself and his eternal life to all those who would receive him.

The gospels focus is primarily not on his birth but on his death burial and resurrection.

Jesus did not come to give is Christmas.  He came to die a martyrs death so that we may life a believers life. Were it not for the death and burial and resurrection of Christ we would have no gospel.  So the gospel we share at this time is this, Christ died, and was buried and he rose again. (1 Cor 15;1-11, 25-29).

Some folks want to just keep Jesus as the Son of God, well son’s grow up, our sons grow up. Most folks are still keeping Jesus a baby, forgetting that he came to show us who God the Father was. The father’s love, the fathers redemption and the father’s life. When we look at Jesus we should see God. We should see redemption, we should see salvation. If you see me, Jesus said you have seen the Father.  He is no longer a Son and no longer a child. He is what he has always been the everlasting Father. This is why receiving him as Lord God of your life will grant to you eternal life, the eternal life of the Father. The life that can be yours as a Son, given to you because he is the Father. Will you make him you Father? If so act upon Acts 2:38, repent and be baptised in Jesus name for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost this is the promise to all men and woman. What a GIFT. Jesus the gift of God.

Paul ThomasComment