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Revival takes place on many dimension. Revival where folks seek God a revival of Devotion. A revival where folks come back to the book of Acts, A revival were folks see Jesus as the one true deity. Brother Paulis available for Revivals in 2018   More information →


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Join me on Twitter and add your Oneness Tweet, connect to your friends and let the global community know the life changing power of God and his name.  More information →


Gospel Cafe.


A PROJECT FOR 2018.... The Room An event for those who enjoy good worship, preaching, gospel and fellowship. We meet together once a month to enjoy the lighter and brighter side of Life. The setting is casual, in a hotel or center with Paul and Guests   More information →

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Become a Power Partner Today. Your kind support allows me to fulfil God's destiny for my life. When you join me as a power part we go togehter. what I write online you write. where I go and preach you preach for together we are partners in ministry . More information →