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I have a passion for truth, Truth of the God man, Jesus! I want to share it with you, in video, audio and journal format. It will change your life as indeed the truth has changed mine. Truth is truth when it exalts him who is the True one. Teaching that makes Jesus less than Lord or God is not truth at all. Truth will exalt him to the highest office that is creator savior and God. If teaching does that, we have Truth. I therefore declare to day "Jesus is my God too!" 

At the moment I dont have video on this site, but as I connect to pastors who have video ministry, I shall add as we grow.

The Lord Bless you

Brother Paul

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Paul b Thomas


Mission: YOU
Passion: The One True God
Devotion: Serving him as a revival preacher
Association: CAA newport, MAJC.US
Revelation: Acts 2:38 salvation as the apsotles had it.. Let's preach it like they preached it and we will see it like they saw it.
STORY: Orphan in England, adopted and brought up in Wales. Pastored a church in the welsh valleys where stephen Jeffries preached and attended church. We want to America preached revivals and desire to go back to KY.
Online Mission: Teaching one God in audio and blog format.
Pentecostaltv: dedicated to the one true God, Jesus the Christ and his gospel as in Acts. MISSION/ VISION.. IS TO MAKE THIS A FULL TIME CHANNEL WITH STREAMING VIDEO OF GOSPEL ARTISTS and PREACHERS with chat show... PENTECOSTAL STYLE.. shall be in Jesus name.....