A campaign of



bibleless pews and bibleless pulpits, bibleless hands too.

"Oh we complain that the schools have take the name of Jesus out of the classroom yet we as preachers and believers have taken the bible out of the pulpit years ago"



Carry Your Bible.

You used to see a bible in grandmas home. Grandma is no longer there now neither is her bible. We dont see Bibles anymore, not in the pew, not in the pulpit either. Three places they should be prominant in, the home the pew and the pulpit. Neither do we see the bible in the hands of people, their hands in church and in their hands when they walk to church. I for one can testify that in my lifetime. I have seen the demise of the bible in the home and in the hands. And more significantly in the hands of the preacher

Preachers no longer preach from a printed bible they preach from an app, an app than can be made obsolete, discontinued or deleted. Its the trend they say! Folks dont read from the printed bible either, you wont see folks reading from a printed bible in church, O yes "church!" 

Online marketeers tell us that folks dont read these days, pastors tell us that folks dont read the bible either, in church or at home. At church we dont read for ourselves we look at screens on the church wall while the pastor reads the text.

I'm concerned about the fact that preachers dont read from the bible and folks no longer carry their bible, both of which are having serious repercussions on our present level of interest in God's word, and also our witness as believers and future freedom as Bible believers

Recently in the US we have seen that students hae been told by authorities not to read their bibles, as in a 2014 incident where a Florida school teacher humiliated a 12-year-old boy in front of an entire class after she caught him reading the Bible during free reading time.  A more recent involed 22 year old history major student Mark Holden who was ordered to leave a lecture hall for reading his bible. I've stated this, for if these young boys can read their bibles pubicly then so can the preacher!

Remember folks living in the fifteenth century were burned at the stake for getting the bible into print. Tyndale was one who was instrumental in getting us the bible in our language. He was hated and persecuted and martyred for doing so, like many others, who took the trouble to get us the printed page. Tindale was hated so much, that forty years after burning him at the stake in England, they dug up his ashes and dumped them into the river seven. Where I live in Wales the river seven where his ashes was thrown into, is just a few miles away. To the east there lies Cardiff our city there you will also find a plaque to the martyrs. If conviction has not gripped your heart about carrying a printed pages bible then read about the martyrs foxes book of martyrs. A great price was paid to get you and I the printed bible.It took the lies of many martyrs to get you and I the bible we take for granted today.

The worrrying trend of using the ipad and pc in the pulpit and in the pew threatens our faith. Folks carry an ipad with a loaded bible, they dont carry the bible, they carry a hidden bible, they carry something less obtrusive, an ipad. There's nothing wrong with reading your bible on an ipad, but I certainly dont want the app to be more popular than the bible, because when it does, someone else will control what you read. A deleted app means no more bible! If christians stopped purchasing the printed bible which is the worlds best seller, there is a good possibility that Christian publishers will shut down Christian printed bookshops and themselves go out of business. Now let me ask, where is the bible that we used to be able to purchase? The world is not going to publish the bible. Doing away with the printed page is dangerous, very dangerous.

Amazon is already selling more ebooks than paperbacks. So what if the printed bible went obsolete. Would it take another generation of martys to publish it back into print. Would you be one of those martyrs who would die to get the bible into print? Think of it!  Our grand kids could be facing this problem.  No man has died or will die for the ipad. But men have died and will die for the bible. Carry your bible!

I want to challenge you to be a visible Christian. One who at least carries his bibe to church and other places too, and why not? Now I know folks in America dont walk to church on a sunday morning like British folks do, our road systems are different, but this is not an excuse. We should carry our bible to church and even when we are not going to church carry our bible. 


It's up to us to stand up for our faith and one of the ways we can do this is by not only reading our bibles but by purchasing bibles and then carrying our own bible to church and other public places. 



I'm asking preachers to take the lead and use a printed bible in the pulpit, and thus set the example. If preachers use an ipad then no doubt the congregation is going to follow suit. PREACHER DONT LET YOUR CHURCH BE A BIBLE-LESS CHURCH NEITHER LET YOUR PULPIT BE A BIBLE-LESS PULPIT. Preaching from the bible reminds the congregation of what it took to get us the bible
You hold history in your hands. You hold the future in your hands too.

I'm asking you the believer, to carry your printed bible.

Carrying a bible can be making a statement when you are not doing any talking.
Carrying a bible wont make you holy but it could help start up conversation.
Carrying a bible is a witness. Carry your bible.
Carry your bible. If carrying a bible bothers you, then forget carrying a cross.
Be a trend setter and carry your bible.

A trend setter is not one who has the latest tech a trendsetter is one who has what the world has not and shows everybody what that one this is. Maybe we will get to the day when a real trendsetter will have what the world has not and walk around showing everyone what they don’t have. Could that man be you? You may never preach to everyone who passes you by, but no one who passes you by can ignore the fact you are carrying a bible.

Carrying a bible will not make you holy but it will agitate the devil. If I can agitate the devil by carrying the bible, I’ll do that.

If carrying my bible makes folks turn their head, I’ll do that!

If folks can wear a tattoo, I can carry a bible. It’s not a religious thing, It’s something do for a living… What’s that? Talk about Jesus. Are we not ambassadors of Jesus.

I may not tell anyone my religion but if I carry my bible!

Folks who see me may not know me but if I carry my bible I can speak when thought I be silent.

Folks who pass me by may not talk to me but if I carry my bible, they will know my religion is the religion of the cross.

Folks may not engage in conversation, but if I carry my bible. The Holy Ghost can provoke thought, stir the conscience, agitate the mind and convict the heart. I’ll carry my bible! I'm not bothered about looking religious but I am bothered by the fact that we could loose our bible.

Join me in the movement. I’ll carry my bible.

Modified from my Book: “Fire in The Pulpit Amen in The Pew” by Paul B Thomas Available from Amazon