Why Do some Preachers Preach only Acts 238?

Q.Why do some preachers preach only acts 238 every time they post on facebook. Shouldn’t we broaden our knowledge on the gospel and use the many other subjects topics and bible books to expound the gospel?

A.Yes I agree we should and we can and yes of course we should preach Acts 2:38 but there are many who  give us the appearance that they have no knowledge outside of Acts 2:38, To be an effective minister we have to broaden our boundaries. The whole bible reveals the oneness of God and the whole bible reveals the fulness of Gods truth whether that’s in type or shadow substance or parable, prophecy or psalm Preach the gospel as is and share the bible in all its glory and story, the whole book contains the gospel, iAs we expand our “topical how” we. increase our ability to convince and persuade. So stick to acts 238 or the apostles doctrine and BUILD ON that foundation using the whole bible. For example I am doing a mini commentary of Romans and Ephesians based on the apostles doctrine revealing how Paul was really showing the importance of building on this wonderful truth and going further into the knowledge of Christ, ie with his doctrine fo the new creation and justification and redemption. The whole bible unlocks  our foundational truth and we should not fear going deeper into wider paths yet sticking to the narrow way. This is how he he Paul was able to be persuasive and effective as a preacher awning many cultures and peoples. a lesson for us all. Blessings always

Of course we should but the whole bible reveals the oneness of God and the whole bible reveals the fulness of Gods truth whether that’s in type or shadow, substance or parable, prophecy or psalm. Preach the gospel as is and share the bible in all its glory and story 

The whole bible is a  revelation of the oneness of God and contains truth as our gospel message.  Paul told us it was  so for he says in his letter to the Romans, “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God, (Which he had promised afore by his prophets in the holy scriptures, Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh (Romans 1;1-3).  So as we go further into the scriptures we are still keeping the truth and still preaching Jesus while at the same time broadening our knowledge and increasing our capacity to influence

As we expand our “topical how” we increase our Capacity and ability to convince and persuade. So stick to acts 2;38 and the apostles doctrine and build on that foundation using the whole bible. For example I am doing a mini commentary of Romans and Ephesians which I discovered is a letter in which, Paul writes to show us as believers, how to move on by building on this apostolic foundation, this is how he was able to be persuasive and effective as a preacher to many cultures and peoples, a lesson for us all. Blessings always

The Hair Issue and The Law

Pastor Nederi Duncan on oneness apostolic pentecostals worldwide on facebook posted this excellent question

Q. All Apostolic one God believers believes a woman should not cut or be shaven her hair.in one of our tribes when a family members dies every woman in that family must be shaven to proof that she has no hands in that death as a result of witchcraft.failure to accept to be shaven all fingers point at her and she is rejected !in such situation what does one supposed to do?

A.My response: This is an excellent question my friend. May I answer your question in two parts.

These “non essentials” cannot be applied to every culture or every woman. Paul’s advice was to a certain culture and women living that particular culture. He was not advising the American or British culture or African either. African ladies have short hair from birth there is no way for them to grow their hair long. Now how can Paul’s advice then, apply to them or be applied to them? The difference should always be seen in the differences between the fundamental law of God and the law of Moses . Laws that God gives man and laws that man gives man. A careful study of scriptures will then reveal what laws have been abolished by Christ at his coming in the flesh and Calvary And the law that continues today, ie the ten commandments, God’s laws, which is forever and should be obeyed by all including us today.

Moseslaw was the temporary, ceremonial law of the Old Testament. It regulated the priesthood, sacrifices, rituals, meat and drink offerings, etc., all of which foreshadowed the cross. (2 Chron 35;12). And indeed was abolished by it. Christ became the focus of our worship and praise. He becomes our ceremony we celebrate his everyday. We don’t worship days or holy days rather we worship him the creator of the day and the creator of our new day in him.

Moses law the law contained in ordinances (Ephesians 2;15) and God’s law called the royal law as in (James 2;8 Ex 31;13). For all irrespective of ordinances. Moses law added because of sin (Gal 3;19 Col 2;14) whereas God’s law continues for ever, Existing before sin (Ro 7;7 Ro 3;20) and should be obeyed forever. Finally then to conclude this brief introduction. Any old testament ordinance for man outside the Ten Commandments is fulfilled in Christ. The laws given to Moses ie the Ten Commandments is our guide forever. I Would then conclude that the law of women having long hair is not a law for us as the church today. Therefore it is for the woman to decide not the church how long a woman hair is. the same for a man too.

Should Women be Silent in Church?

Q.Should women be silent in churches for scripture tells us, “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.” (1 Cor 14;34)

A.Let me answer this in two parts. Silence is silence and I don’t believe Paul means silence! He was not talking to women who should not preach, the women were not preaching in the church he as addressing, the Corinthians church, rather they were being noisy when they should be quiet.

Secondly Paul said that they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law,  or be subjective to the man. The issue was not that they should be silent but rather they should take their arguments and discussions to their home and discuss them outside the church.

Thirdly Paul said that it was the law that demanded they be under obedience. not silent but under obedience. notice he said the law, but what law, the law of Moses or the law of God. the ordinances of man or the eternal law of god the ten commandments? Here he was referring to the laws of man the laws that men give.

The difference between the law of God and the law of man. ceremonial laws and the Royal law. of course God’s law is for all men and nations. Mans law (ceremonial laws) are what men gave for cultural reasons, these laws were not like the 10 commandments, they were not give to save man but to guide man. They were temporal and when Christ came he fulfilled these laws. Showing a better way, sacrifice and offering (Hebrews). Since then we have come to Christ, we should therefore not continue to make law that is no longer law. He is our salvation fulfilled and therefore there is no longer a need for these ordinances. Hope this helps my friend.

Making the hair issue or the women must be silent issue “law” is to negate the work of Christ in making us all one and equal in Him. there are not jews nor gentiles inhume neither is there male and femail in him therefore the issues that divide us here should not divide us as we are in him.

All laws other than the Ten Commandments are indeed fulfilled in him and we serve as men and women a higher law of a greater life. The life in Christ Jesus. The rank of education or status, or the distinction of colour or length of hair, position in the pew and position in the pulpit does not (or should not) exist. He alone is the head! It’s only when we as brethren seek to excerpt authority over others do we fall into this trap. Let’s not forget brethren we are in Christ first, take the strife out of our ministry and let him lead.

Personally as a matter of preference, I would sooner listen to a lady who wasn’t a preacher in the pulpit. It fits her better! and I do believe that men must be fathers husbands and leaders in the home house first. It’s not natural for women to rant and rage in the pulpit. They are too delicate and attractive for that and to rant and rave in the pulpit is somewhat out of character for a sophisticated kind woman. A man has to fight to get his throne, a woman inherits hers through her beauty, yes her beauty alone says she don’t need a throne. Just being all woman is good enough for the man who appreciates her for who she is. Ladies stay all women Well thats just my take on it all



Rhema and Logos OR Jesus?

Is the Logos and rhema two separate words from God? I ask this question because if “rhema” and “logos” are two separate words then we have to deal with a problem, a God problem. John tells that the word was with God and the Word was God. (John 1;1) and this word became flesh and dwelt among us (V14). In the New Testament the Word was the same as the Word in the Old Testament. Revelation 19:3 tells us that “He” is called the Word of God. So the person of God is the Word of God, therefore how can there be a logos and rhema? Isn’t Jesus the one Word? The one of whom it is written about and he that also speaks to us today? (Hebrews 12:25).
Just provoking thought.
Please feel free to add to this discussion.