Dealing with a Poverty Mentality



It’s time to deal with our attitude toward money.

We’ve had so much negativity toward money in Christian circles, its ridiculous. Money is not my God and I don’t believe its yours either. I’m not a prosperity preacher but I do believe the preacher needs wealth in every area of his life. Our dreams can never be powerful without money. Our God given vision will never become realised without wealth. Projects will die stillborn without investment, Souls will be lost without ability to reach them and bless them with material, teaching, your time and products. Nothing major is achieved without investment and the preacher having a healthy money mindset.

Some folks don’t believe that they are entitled to money. They say things like “OK its Just not in my heart to want it” OR “God don’t want me rich!” Maybe your thinking came out of a childhood. You never thought you “deserved” more than others or that it was a “shame” to have more than other folks. Well, you don’t deserve eternal life either and neither do I, but God gave it to us! how much will he give us the lesser gift of money. 

If you believe that money and success are yours and these two do go together, then success and wealth will come to you. Money comes to the confident and the strong, the caring too. You can’t take care of anyone without money. let alone the bigger family god has given to your trust. Yes money is important to help those God has given to our trust.

Quit believing that you don’t need it or don’t deserve it. You do! You deserve to have as much as it takes for you to live a good Godly life and have enough left over to truly bless others.  Now aim for that! God wants to bless you. Believe it! Maybe you should declare today. I derisive to be blessed, yes I deserve to be blessed, god has given me a big project that deserves big faith therefore I owe it to God myself and others to believe that I deserve more.

“God Today I will change my attitude today toward money. I believe I deserve anything that comes from you and that includes wealth of all kinds including money.  Today I break the poverty mindset. I will look for more and more will come my way. Amen!”

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PRAYER; God deliver me from low living, low believing, small faith that focus more on my weakness than on your greatness. Help me see thing as you see it, in your name Jesus amen

Prepare to Prosper


Do business Till I come (Luke 19;13b)

Humility and poverty down go together. poverty comes with debt not humility. It’s hard to be humble when you are in debt. Debt leaves a man a slave, the victim of unwise choice. at the mercy of another whose life he holds in ransom. debt is not a blessing, it’s a curse. A true man of God does not seek riches but he does seek prosperity and here’s why.

Every preacher has his level of prosperity and that is determined by the project or mission God has called him to built. It is not unreasonable to request of God that he would bless you with more than enough to fulfil his dream..

Why would I want to be blessed, so I can spend more of my life giving to others financially, give to others more of my books and blogs, preach in more places, help lives in more cities, preach more revivals, devote myself wholly to God’s work and to do that I need financial blessing. The Key: Whatever you need to fulfil your mission that God has assigned to you, ask and expect that level of blessing. Whether you are in ministry or business, ask God for more than enough to perform all that God has assigned you to do in your lifetime. That is prosperity at your level. If God does that, you are prosperous..

PRAYER: God help me do business today, give me insight and wisdom, courage to make good decisions and be wise. in your name Jesus, amen

God has More..That’s God’s will!


And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold. (Gen 13;2).

Abraham was very rich. Maybe this is one reason he is a father figure of faith, great faith. He had enough faith to leave his wealth behind and trust God for more, wealth of another kind.

It makes me ask the question, how much will I let go of in order to grab a hold of that which only God can give me? Can I take that risk, can I trust him to take me into territory where I can experience a whole new life that I right now know absolutely nothing about? O I know, we have our dreams and our business acumen and our social, financial and wealth building skills, but could I quit relying on these in order to pursue that which only God can give me?

Abraham though very rich in cattle, obeyed God and went looking for a city. What you have blesses you, but that which you need is for the blessing of a nation. When you’ve got a lot, God always has more.

PRAYER: God help me grow in vision today, help me go forth in obedience also. Help me not to hold onto stuff that I value, help me see the greater value, that which you alone can build for me. Amen.

The Support of the Missionary

General Subject
Stewards of The Mysteries of God

The Support of The Missionary
Scripture Reading Luke 9:1-9.

The Missionary has an important role in God’s harvest. Consider these scriptures in evidence of his support and venture in this mission.

1.Go into all the word and preach the gospel (Mark 16;15).
2. He told them: “Take nothing for the journey–no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt (Luke 9;3 NIV).
3.How has the Lord declared that the ministry be sustained?
Tithes and offerings (Mal 3:8).
4. We are to help them in their Journey
Whenever I journey to Spain I shall come to you for I hope to see you only journey and to be helped only way there by you, of first I may enjoy your company for a while (Acts 15;24 NKJV).
5.The hospitality of the missionary
And it may be that I will remain or even spend the winter with you, that you may send me on my journey wherever I go (1Cor 15:6 NKJV).
6. The believer can send them gifts after their departure
No church shared with me concerning giving and receiving but you only, for even in Thessalonica you sent aid once and again for my necessities (Phil 4;15,16).
Use hospitality one to another without grudging As ever man has received the gift even so minister the same one to another (1 Peter 4;9). …distributing to the necessity of the saints; given to hospitality (Romans 12;10-13).
7.God’s promise to the sower.
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy he that goeth forth reaping, bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him (Psalm 126;5,6).
8. Pray for labourers
The harvest is great the labourers are few pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into the harvest (Luke 10;2).

The levite had no inheritance in the land. He did not earn his living through a secondary job. His inheritance was the Lord (Deut 18:2). He trusted in the Lord and the lord met his needs. He was to eat of the Lords offerings (v1) and the people gave to the Lord the Levite shared in this liberality.

For further Study: Prov 11;30. Daniel 12;3. Ephesians 4;11,12. John 4;35.
Questions to Consider: List five important reasons why we should send forth missionaries today? 2.Years age the altar call as for missionaries why don’t we see this today? 3. What are the financial considerations a missionary encounters?
4. Why is it easier to be a Pastor that is to be a missionary?
Literature: Pauls EBooks on Amazon.

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