The Title "Son of Man"

The son of man is the man from heaven and there is a man in the heavenenlies. If he had a human body before the incarnation why was he born of the virgin? If he was a man before the incarnation, why did he come as a babe in a manger. If he was a man, that is a person before the incarnation then all he had to do was manifest himself as a man amongst men, this is what he done on many occasions in the old Testament. God appeared to Manoa and she said, “the man of God has appeared to me.” God appeared too Abraham and he talked with him man-to-man. So again we can see that Jesus was not the second person coming from heaven but he was God Born as a man through the seed of woman.

The title “The Son of Man” (found 69 times in the synoptics and 11 times in John’s gospel is a “title” possibly of his messiahship and definitely of his sonship as one born of a woman “mankind.” He had no human father to be the son of a man or son of man but the title does refer to his humanness. He was the Child born which tells of his humanity. He was the mighty God which tells of his Deity. The understanding of his dual nature, then is essential to our understanding of God. He was only a son in his humanity, in his deity he is and always will be God.

Paul Thomas