Praying in The Name

What does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus.

We pray to Jesus (who is Lord) “whosoever calls upon the name of The Lord shall be saved.” David prayed to the Lord. The apostles prayed to the Lord, “Lord grant now unto they servants that with all boldness…” Stephen prayed to the Lord so we know that the one we pray to is the Lord and we know Jesus is Lord.

So why do we say “in Jesus name” after our prayers? We are praying to Jesus. We do not have to say "in Jesus name" if we are praying to Jesus. If you were talking to me you would not say I come to you in your name Paul, No, you are the one coming to me. Similarly when we come to Jesus we come ourselves to him by means and access all that his name affords.

So to pray in his name means to call on him, this means I use his name when I pray because I am talking to him (the Lord) So I simply say "Jesus" because its Jesus I'm talking too.

I Say “Jesus” because that his greatest name. It’s a mark of respect and an issue of worship, we use his name because scriptures command us to ask in hs name.

This may seem to some irrelevant and to others trifling but think of this, how many times do you hear in Church a confused man praying a confusing prayer. It goes like this. “Father I come to you in Jesus name, Holy Spirit I worship you, and I ask you in Jesus name, Lord, to help me tonight, father...” Can you see what I am saying, folks are often confusing to listen too and themselves confused, I'm not saying this to be contentious or haughty but rather to edify you in your prayer life and doctrine.  We don't pray to three differnt entities and hence do not have to say three different prayers or mention all three as if we are praying to all three Persons. No, God is one and “in him dwells the fulness of the deity.” When we use “Jesus” we are talking to him who is father, Son and God (spirit) and since the Godhead dwells in him then we use the name Jesus.

Prayer is intelligence conversing with deity, Search for truth and know our God's name. Pray to him alone, he is one. His name is Jesus, for in him the Godhead dwells.(Col 1;19) When you use the name Jesus, demons temble and walls fall down, so will you, because this name has power. Dont use the term "God" use the name Jesus “God” is for religious folks but the name "Jesus" is for those that known him.

Finally if you are in Christ you can pray "in" his name, because you were baptised into this name at your birth.

God notesPaul Thomas