Read Your Bible


Bibleless Pulpits
Bibleless Pews
Bibleless Preaching!


We don't notice the demise of standards, yes standards in the church, we are too busy getting "with it" advancing our media programs, making waves with new technology why bother with basics, standards or that which was customary and traditional. We Have failed to notice that in one generation we have gone from having a bible in the pulpit to having no bible in the pulpit. Years ago they had bibles in the pew too. We have gone from having bibles in the pew to having no bibles in the pew. Nobody carries a Bible either.

Bibleless pulpits, bibleless pews and bibless pockets.

Bibleless preaching also. A result of little interest in history or His-story, our style is more important, getting a cloud shout and amen to a loud message that has more shout in its volume than cloud in its content. Bibleless preaching O the bible is mentioned but not expounded or extrapolated, dug deep into neither is it used exclusively for the preaching of the gospel. No wonder preachers have become entertainers and circus performers, show artists denying godliness and the call to preach the one true gospel.

Preachers lack fire and fury in the pulpit, conviction too, the content of the sermon fabricated by veneer of showmanship that todays "me" generation idolises, applaudes and revels at.


I believe standards have fallen in one key area, the reading of scriptures, reading as in general reading but mofre importantly reading as if one desired truth in the inward parts. I'm not talking of a quick read though the bible in a  moment kind of reading, I'm talking of reading it because you have a passion to find God. When a man finds God, God speaks to him through the scriptures, its as if he finds the voice and the voice finds him. For until God speaks to us through the scriptures then we really have not read the scriptures at all.

We should read the scriptures to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow. the soul and mind is in rebellion against God. when the spirit compells a man to read and he says, I'll put it off, I'll do it later, hardness of heart sets into one's soul, and rebellion begins its transgressory work. One gives into seducing spirits that hae no agenda than the destroying of one's soul.

Its a warefare. why because theres life in the God of the book. The book holds secrets treasures, Gold for the digger and life for seeker. Seek and ye shall find, find what God and the gold.


We can preach of shaking our nation but unless we get back to the passion of scripture and the God of the bible our works will be in vain.

I was reading about Josiah he found his name in the book did he not and the result he carried out that which was written of him. Friend if you want to fulfil your purpose and eternal destiny then we have to read the book until we find ourselves in it.  I dont want to do what the Good Lord has not set forth in his book for me to do. I want to know his plan for me and in the book I know it is written.

Heres a key, we find our purpsoe when we find the purposes of those whose name and lies are written in the book. Paul had a purpose, follow him. Peter had a purpose follow him, see we are a continuation of God's eterna purposes. none of us are called to start our new thing. simply put we are a continuation of those who before us fiulfilled God's purposes.

Why its God's purpsoes we fulfil not our own

Brother Paul




ProjectPaul Thomas