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The church ofen says no to what the kingdom needs

I am indebted to bishop Lambert W Gates  for provoking thought on this subject after he came to the CAA conference in Birmigham last month and shared the word the Lord had given him on the kingdom. He presented to us how the kingdom differs from the church, explaining how we have been limited and boxed ourselves in as a result of thinking church and not the kingdom.  Later after we had got home to Wales, we had church and my Pastor got up and told us how she too had been touched by the revelation she had received noting too the thought of us "boxed in" as a church becaue of the way we intepret the church to be the kingdom of God. This provoked me to do a study on the kingdom. So Bishop thank you for stirring up the fire. You have sparked something the other side of the ocean, may what I humbly share give God glory for that which he has birthed in us today.


There's only so much the church can do as the church, put on events, preach certain subjects, involve ourselves in social concerns. I want to suggest the kingdom is bigger and has no boundaries, the issue is vitallly important for many reasons. I see pastors inthe church leaving the church because they are burned out. I want to suggest that there is no need to step out of the church if they step into the kingdom. There's a bigger work in the kingdom and indeed a mans work has not really began until he begins kingdom work. I'm saying that to tell you there's more to ministry than what you are doing.

I want to encourage you back to your roots and the purpose for that which God has both called you and equipped you, it concerns the kingdom.

In order to impact the world we have to think "kingdom" not church. Influence in higher places comes from kingdom thinking not church thinking. It is the "gospel of the kingdom" the Lord calls us to preach not the gospel of the church

We have to train men and women for kingdom positions, business and enterprise, media and arts. to impact the KINGDOM.

Of course the church may have no offices for this, but the kingdom certainly has. The kingdom is not regulated by the church for the kingdom is bigger than the church. Hence those who dont have an office in the church will have a role and ministry in the kingdom. This is important, we have to get a grip with this. If we want to impact our cities and communites we have to become familar with this essential difference

The church will box you in. How sad to live a life where you have been "boxed in." To be boxed is to miss your potential. It is to run with a half a tank of gas all your life. You could have gone faster but you didnt you could have gone further but you did not, all because you limited yourself to a church and not entended your ministry into the kingdom.

Dont misunderstand me, the church is essential and there are those who are called to equip and build the church but today we find folks with talent trying to pastor when they should be working in the kingdom with their talent, and leaving the work of the ministry to those called to minister in the church.

A KINGDOM REVOLUTION Begins when Desperate Men walk with Deity.

That is, the faith and belief of the early Christians.

It was their faith in the God man that gave them a fearless conviction that the kingdom of God was a living reality amongst them. They feared no man, despot or roman warlord,  such a fearless determination was a direct result of knowing their God. They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits and they had  seen their master conquer every enemy, enemies around him, political enemies, enemies of him, jewish and religious enemies, enemies that sought to besail him, satanic enemies and eternal enemies, enemies of death. He has conquered them all.

Their conviction, did not provoke them to start a religion, they didnt need one, rather their conviction provoked them to start a revolution. Revolution defined is strictly that which has already began and now must come back in full circle.

A KINGDOM REVOLUTION Begins when Carnal men die to self and live for him.

Their knowing him brought a revolutionary way of thinking that transformed followership into kingdomship.

They had no agenda other than Christ.

A kingdom not made by hands and a kingdom that could not be destroyed. A kingdom where ordinary men and women posessed extraordinary faith. A kingdom where normal folks believed incredible things and worked them. What they believed was translated into acts of righteousness in which mere fishermen conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained God given promises, shut the mouths of lions, quenched the power fo fire, escaped the edge of the sword, from weakness was made strong, they became mighty in war and put their enemies to flight


Their were fearless because they experienced a baptism that to them was a death. They had died for baptism was a burial. Their life was not their own for they had left it behind in the watery grave of acts 238. Their testimony was not of their achievements but rather what the Christ could and would do through them. Why their life was a demonstration of what he had done and could do. They asked not what can I do but what must I do for him who loved me so and gave his life for me! Their revelation was not their message, their revelation was his, his gospel, his message, to all men. Their life was not theirs either, for they had no life, it was left in the watery grave also, they had taken on his life and manifested that life the only life to the world. No wonder then why the early believers had no trouble finding their calling or stepping into ministry. The real issue is that ministry and calling was not the primary concern to them rather the real issue was I dont have a choice. I have given my life to him now my only calling is to manifest what he manifested and do what he alone can only do.


A KINGDOM REVOLUTION is engaged by men who hold no claim to life, manifest the Christ Life

Pastors and leadership all around the world today will sepnd countless hours and indeed million of dollars in teaching, writing and formulating studies on how to activate the saints into missionaires and ministries and getting them into social communities and business committies and understanding their destiny, making history, being exemplary familes, all this is good yet it fails for one good reason. I dont have a life. My only purpose is to manifest Christ, Now if I get to that level, we will see the kingdom come. Yes we will see the kingdom come.

We struggle to see revolution so we accept second best revival, I love revivals and will always advocate them, but I think revival is a continuation of that which was birthed in revolution. My point is this, we must go full circle and receive the mandate that our sole mission as dead men, baptised ones, is to manifest the God man and demonstate Christ life to all. This takes the limits off what I can do and what I ought not to do for if I see myself as a kingdom man and not a church man I will do more in the world than what I could ever do in the church. My CV reads, "Paul Thomas deceased, of no fixed abode" No longer of this present world. Now do you get it, God can use me as he sees fit. As long as I reveal his life and preach his death I can manifest him. 

For further Study: Matt 28:16-20. John 20, 21. Acts 1
Questions to Consider: #1 How is the kingdom different from the church #2 What is our leel of authority in the church as compared to our level of authority in the kingdom. #3 How do we demonstrate the kingdom to the world. #4 How do we measure our impact in the kingdom.
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