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Our Mission

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— Donovan Mafnas, Impact Volunteer


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preach usa

Revival Preaching in USA.


If you would like to join me in this venture as a partner or prayer supporter or offer a chruch where I can preach revial for you, then contact me Paul B Thomas by email see my contact form here I be glad to hear from you.

Brother Paul








The place where a man needs to be is the place where his heart is and his mission lies, that's the place a man needs to be.

As a young boy of 8 I told my adopted dad. I want to go to Kentucky and preach. I drew it on an old atlas, I would go up the mountain and pray to God and ask him to send me to america

At 35 I went to the states and preached revivals, I lived by faith and God met my needs for 17 years I lived by faith and God met my needs. It's 2018 shortly and I must go again. You preach Jesus and have revivals, real revival.

If I preach what the apostles preached then we will see it like they saw it. If we preach the one true God then we will see it like they saw it. If we preach a salvation in his name followed by folks being baptised and recieving power at the altar, it book of Acts for you too.

So If you have an altar ready, love the name, then lets have revival. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ACTS 238 and are trinitarian, then get rid of unbelief and let's have revival. Honor God and your church will change and so will you. How do I know because this message changed me.

Brother Paul



The filled Jerusalem with their doctrine... The bible way to shake and awake your city (Acts 2:42)