Thoughts for the Real Pentecostals

Pentecostals like the fire, if a thing has fire in it, a good pentecostal wants it!
Here are some thoughts I trust will light your fire!

#01 God thoughts

#01 GODTHOUGHTS:When we say God is all knowing we mean he knows all things simultaneously and immediately without having to recollect that which he once thought of or having to discover that which we think he does not know about. He knows all things instantly about everybody.


#03 GODTHOUGHTS: The oneness of God is not optional. You're either saved or lost, an idolater or a one God worshipper, you cannot deny the oneness of God and claim to be apostolic, pentecostal or saved.

02 Doctrine

Theres no such thing as boring doctrine, there's boring preaching but never boring doctrine

Theres no such thing as boring doctrine, there’s boring preaching but never boring doctrine

# 01 DOCTRINE: determines DESTINY where you go, AUTHORITY, what you've got ETERNALLY, the place where you will end up. Your past, present and future is dependant on your doctrine

# 02 DOCTRINE: shakes or awakes a city. The apostles filled Jerusalem with their doctrine. The reason why our cities dont want God is because the preachers dont have the doctrine to inform the city transform the city and redeem the city. Doctrine changes the city.

# 03 DOCTRINE: Believe it or not the world wants sound doctrine.Company policy, trading policy, gornmental policy is based on doctrine, mans doctrine. So why would the church not base its faith, the faith, the only faith on sound doctrine?


# 01 REVIVAL: Is a move out of man's program and a move in of God's presence. God never fits his presence into a programe and the reason is this, he has his own!

# 02 REVIVAL: You are the revival others are praying for.

#03 REVIVAL:Be so hot and on fire for God that the devil have to go to hell in order to cool down

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