God.. Just being HIMSELF!

Jehovah the provider. The one who provides “himself” as that provision. If you need life, he said “I am the way the truth and the life.” So he gives himself. LIFE comes to those who ask fo him life.’

If you need to find your way to God he said I am the way. So he gives himself to you, he is the way to God. If you need healing, he is Jehovah Rapha. “I am the Lord that healeth thee.” (Ex15:26) So he gives “himself” the healer.

When Abraham went to the mountain to sacrifice Isaac, the lad said to him “where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” (Gen 22) Abraham replied, “My Son God will provide HIMSELF a lamb for the burnt offering.” He gave HIMSELF. God will provide HIMSELF the burnt offering. God would be an unjust God to provide another for the sins of the world and not go himself. The lawgiver become the lawbreaker (sin) for us, therefore only HIMSELF could be both sacrifice and salvation for us all. He in giving HIMSELF became our sacrifice and righteousness. Jehovah Tsidkenu (Jeremiah 23:6). The peace he gives as a result of us being made righteous is also HIMSELF, Jehovah shalom (Psalm 23).

So we see that the gifts Jehovah gave was and is the gift of HIMSELF and the reasons is this, no gift that God gives can be greater than the giver of that gift, the created is not and cannot be greater than the creator. God cannot give something that is greater the himself, so he gives us HIMSELF.

He is the creator, he is the sustainer. He is the Saviour. The gift of God is eternal life, that gift is GOD, the Gift of “God” is eternal life. No wonder then he said “thou shalt have no other God but me.”

Man in his foolishness will always want more of “temporary stuff” a new God, man made God. When you buy a new gadget, it’s “cool” for the day, then when the fun wears off and we want another gadget, another phone, another this and another that, then the process is repeated. When the novelty wears off we go and get another “god” so we can feel the “buzz” again. What we are doing is bowing down to an idol that can never satisfy. Can’t we see that God alone must be sought after, he God alone is eternal and satisfying. Until we get satisfaction from God then we cannot say we are really satisfied at all. No wonder many the old timers never wanted “stuff.”

He “God” alone is everlasting, things come and go but our hope is in a PERSON not a thing. Tell me then, are it not the times we spent together as human beings the events we remember and talk about every day the things that gave us most pleasure! When we as old friends meet up we don’t talk about the day we purchased our new car or new home, no the memories we remember are the times we spent together, the times we spent together as people. No wonder then the Lord HIMSELF promises to be that which we stand in need of. HE ALONE PROVIDES EVERLASTING BUZZ! AN EVERLASTING “WOW!”

Let me add this, The gift of God must be more real than another gift In order for God to be God in ore lives! otherwise the mixture we partake of becomes nothing less than Ezekiel’s home baked cakes mixed with human dung (Ez 4;9) of which God’s people themselves were apprehended for their double standards and values.

Let’s look at this from another aspect. Would God give another when he demands of us that we give ourselves?

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son...” Did God give another person to the world? No! He gave HIMSELF. He is HIMSELF the begotten one. God only begotten. God himself the begotten one. The name of God Jehovah is a self revelation of the one true God. He gives us the name, no other name given to man by which they shall be saved. The calling on this name upon baptism is a calling on God HIMSELF. To deny the name is to deny that God, has saved you hence every man ought to call on Jesus upon baptism (Acts 2:38).

If a son, any son, can one day become a father. Is it not unreasonable for us to know that God almighty, self existent, can himself become a Son? Should we expect less of him that we do of ourselves? Further if God was a trinity as some say, would it not be a hate crime for God to send another person (his Son) to die on his behalf especially as the Son was without sin and did no crime? would not the sending of another who was innocent, to die for another an act of injustice? Would God then, be guilty of breaking his own law?

The answer. God came HIMSELF. Paid the penalty for our sin himself, by becoming sin himself. (1 Tim 3:16). I'm glad he did. Are you?

This Christmas, remember GOD HIMSELF IS THE GIFT..

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