Power Class
A School For Preachers

My Passion: Ephesians 4;11,12. It’s the work of the preacher to help others do more than himself. You have great potential, allow me to help you uncover it so that you can take up the mantle and run with it. The world needs your gift. Here are some related ebooks worth many times the asking price, a lifetimes experience condensed for you. See See Notes for 212 mentoring ir required also.


The ministry of the Apostle

Discover the ministry of the apostle.
247 Pages approx

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The Ministry of the evangelist

128 Pages approx

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The ministry of the Prophet

Discover the Ministry of the Prophet.
115 Pages approx

NB Take the MASTERCLASS and receive 121 Mentoring including Ministry assessment of your web ministry. + A copy of my free ebook Discover your Call (pdf) plus 1 Hour of 121 Questions answers. An online certificate is available in March for all who read the book and complete and short intense test. $99* love gift or more
(of course you may purchase each of these books without the Masterclass offer).*You purchase the books from amazon and add a love gift of $99 dollars. Thank you.

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