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Preacher Where’s Your Bible?
Bible-less Pews, Bible-less Pulpits and Bible-less Pockets

By Paul B Thomas

…..We are living in a generation that does not have those memories. The memory of a bible on the table. You used to see a bible in grandmas home. Grandma is no longer there now neither is her bible. We don’t see Bibles anymore, not in the pew, not in the pulpit either. Three places they should be prominent in, the home, the pew and the pulpit. Neither do we see the bible in the hands of people, their hands in church and in their hands when they walk to church. We are a bible less generation.

I for one can testify that in my lifetime. I have seen the demise of the bible in the home and in the hands. And more significantly in the hands of the preacher.

I remember as Child I saw the bible in the church pulpit, big enough so that everyone in the pew could see it and set on the pulpit to let the preacher know that, the bible is our Book. We value it, we preach from it, we adhere to it and we worship the God it tells us about. It made the statement, “We are a people of the book!”

Preachers no longer preach from a printed bible, they preach from an app, “It’s the trend” they say! Folks don’t read from the printed bible either, you won’t see folks reading from a printed bible in church, O yes “church!”

They used to read from the bible, a book. It’s good to read from a book. No bible in the church the very book we claim to Love, value and adhere to is gone. It has not only gone from the pulpit but it has also gone from the pew. It has gone from the pew because it can no longer be found in the home.

It is so strange to think the item we say we value love and cherish we no longer own! …

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