#03 Recieve his Holy Spirit

Repent and be baptised in  the name fo Jesus for the remisison of sins and recieve ye the Holy Ghost. To go from bad to good we need the Holy Ghost. to go from ruin to revolution we need the Holy Ghost. To go form lost to found, we need the Holy Ghost. Souls saved in the bible or should I say the book of acts day went from lost to found by recieving his Holy Spirit. DIVINE ABILITY the divine ability of deity. An ability to live life on a level that is not possible unless one has the deity and his Holy Spirit.

God is spirit, hence to have God as Father one must have his spirit. To live a life that he has we need to have his spirit. His spirit is his life which he imparts to us supernaturally through the new birth when we ask in faith doubting not he gives us his Holy Spirit freely.

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Paul Thomas