Salvation for you Today

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TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.... read this today, then email me. I will help make your first moves into a new life that Jesus alone can give.

New life, A life that the LORD Jesus can give. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. unless one knows him, one cannot experience the life he knows is the real life. You may be at a crossroads and think that life is not worth living, friend I would agree, life is not worth living without Jesus. I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about LIFE. That comes from the only one who can give man a new heart a new zeal, and Life itself.

Jesus said "except a man be born of water and spirit (JOHN 3:5) One cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven." Nothing you can do can change your life "except" obeying your creator, Since he is the author of life, he knows why you were created? he knows the purpose of all life and the reason why you should fulfill your dreams and be everything you can be. This is not the day to quit or end your days but to begin to fulfill them. Your life from today onward will take on purpose and meaning, why you are taking counsel with the one who created you and wants to mentor you through his life manual, the bible.  No one knows how to live life like him, this is why we take his counsell.

Here's the first steps out of your rut and ruin. Jesus said first a man, any man (as in mankind) ought to be born again, Now thats the kind of change I want, dont you? I dont believe you are looking for just change you want a change of life, a change from the inside out, a radical transformation by the power and spirit of the Lord that only Jesus can make happen for you. He said, except a man is born again said you life for God does not lie. Being Born of water and spirit If you are born again you shall see and enter into the kingdom life. Being "born again" means you are one who is baptised into water for the remission of your sins (Acts 238) the taking away of your your sins, the shame of your life, the wrongs in your life the pains in your past the troubled soul that kills your joy, the regrets and bitterse that follows you wherever you go. STOP! Jesus said repent of it and be baptised for the remission of all sins. LET IT GO, thats what he is saying. I'll take them away, that is what he is saying to you. the recieve God's holy Spirit to lie a new life. This is the ONLY way a man can be born again.

Your Next Steps
2. Be baptised for the remission of your sins
3. Recieve the Holy Ghost (Gods life itself)
4. Find a good church where folks can help you
5. Become active in telling others of your faith
6. Grow in the knowledge of God
Follow our Ten lesson course to discover the God man and grow in the knowledge of him.

Brother Paul.

Paul Thomas