#04 Who is God?

God is one. there is but one God

Jesus is God. Emmanuel God with us.

You may say well I thought he was a Son. Yes but so are you now that ytoure inthe family.
allow me to to explain God like this. Every man is both a son and a father. I am a father and I am a son. I am one person who is both father and a son. When I became a father I was still a son. Now God is the eternal father everlasting Father that is father all the time, who became a son ( at Bethlehem) he took on flesh and became a son in order to die for us and take away our sins. He was made a curse for us and as God was the ony one who could do this and the only one who was good enough to die for another man. Only a holy God can die for an unholy man. So he died for our sins.

Now the God man died and arose again and is God forever more eternally the father in the heavens this is why he said when you pray say "our father who art in heaven" for it was after his resurrection that he ascended  and receives our prayers. We pray to the Lord or to God but always use his name JESUS. This is because he is our father. He saves us and baptises us so he is our father he gives us new birth. so he is our father. We have one father and he Jesus is the everlasting father. (Isaiah 9:6).

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Paul Thomas