Awakening is when a mans soul arises to a new found revelation, truth awakens his mind, the Spirit awakens his zeal, new fire arises in his life just as the sun arises in the morning haze. A new day begins. This new beginning is when he encounters the REVELATION ofContinue Reading

Have you been baptised by man or baptised by Jesus.? Jesus is the baptiser. He came to baptise that is wash away the sins of men, those who would believe in his name.  His name means “salvation” hence there is no salvation without the name, there is no baptism withoutContinue Reading

50 Grace keys for Lawbreakers, liberals and the New legalists Great peace have they that love thy law (Psalm 119:165). I am believing God for an awakening an awakening to the truth of the oneness of god or the one true God and his salvation. Part of that objective includesContinue Reading

And he bearing the cross (John 19:17) That Jesus was to be crucified appeared in typological from in the Old Testament. In Genesis 22:6, we read, “And Abraham took the wood and burnt offering and laid it upon his son; and he took the fire in his hand and theyContinue Reading