Spiritual Gifts: Tongues Prophecy Tongues For Interpretation By Paul B Thomas Spiritual Gifts Book 1 Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues and Prophecy. The gifts are the believers weapons of War. Discover the authority and power of the church. Explore their necessity. Learn the arguments against tongues and find how you tooContinue Reading

Jesus Or The Trinity By Paul Thomas 41 FAQs on God? The answers taken from God’s word will reveal clearly Jesus is God, not the trinity. Chapters include: # Did Jesus die spiritually? # Why did Jesus pray to the Father to glorify him? # If Jesus is God why didContinue Reading

Apostles Secrets By Paul B Thomas Available From Kindle for Amazon 17 Chapters Including: # Apostles are generationally relevant # Apostles preach Acts 238 Salvation # Apostles have a multifaceted calling # Apostles are the new gatekeepers Available for Kindle on Amazon and can also be downloaded to the iphoneContinue Reading

Dreamers Saviors Deliverers by Paul B Thomas Excerpt! “If your dream aggravates the comfortable and comforts those aggravated then your dream is of God. If it has opposition, it’s of God.” Those with big dreams tackle the future. Why waste your energy changing something small, fighting what was your father’s war,Continue Reading