Dealing with a Poverty Mentality



It’s time to deal with our attitude toward money.

We’ve had so much negativity toward money in Christian circles, its ridiculous. Money is not my God and I don’t believe its yours either. I’m not a prosperity preacher but I do believe the preacher needs wealth in every area of his life. Our dreams can never be powerful without money. Our God given vision will never become realised without wealth. Projects will die stillborn without investment, Souls will be lost without ability to reach them and bless them with material, teaching, your time and products. Nothing major is achieved without investment and the preacher having a healthy money mindset.

Some folks don’t believe that they are entitled to money. They say things like “OK its Just not in my heart to want it” OR “God don’t want me rich!” Maybe your thinking came out of a childhood. You never thought you “deserved” more than others or that it was a “shame” to have more than other folks. Well, you don’t deserve eternal life either and neither do I, but God gave it to us! how much will he give us the lesser gift of money. 

If you believe that money and success are yours and these two do go together, then success and wealth will come to you. Money comes to the confident and the strong, the caring too. You can’t take care of anyone without money. let alone the bigger family god has given to your trust. Yes money is important to help those God has given to our trust.

Quit believing that you don’t need it or don’t deserve it. You do! You deserve to have as much as it takes for you to live a good Godly life and have enough left over to truly bless others.  Now aim for that! God wants to bless you. Believe it! Maybe you should declare today. I derisive to be blessed, yes I deserve to be blessed, god has given me a big project that deserves big faith therefore I owe it to God myself and others to believe that I deserve more.

“God Today I will change my attitude today toward money. I believe I deserve anything that comes from you and that includes wealth of all kinds including money.  Today I break the poverty mindset. I will look for more and more will come my way. Amen!”

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PRAYER; God deliver me from low living, low believing, small faith that focus more on my weakness than on your greatness. Help me see thing as you see it, in your name Jesus amen