Pilgrimage for Adventurers Only.

Discover the secret of the man whose heart is set on Pilgrimage. A pilgrim is a man on a mission, a discovery of God and the souls of man. His heart beats with the gospel of truth and his word reflect the message of his maker. He is an ambassador, a man on assignment a man who has placed his hand to the plough and cannot go back. Divine pilgrimage! Discover your role as a pilgrim here on Pentecostal.tv with Brother Paul on this weeks Teaching “Pilgrimage for Adventurers Only.”

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Is Baptism in Jesus Name Essential.

If the Lord commanded it then anything done in his name is essential. For it is in his name that we heal the sick, it’s in his name that we raise the dead, it’s in his name that we cast out demons and his name we are baptised, and further still why would we not insist that baptism be the same as any other ordinance? If we can take on his name at the dinner table and eat our meals blessed in his name why wouldn’t you or I take on his name for the more important event that of salvation.

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Paul Thomas
The conversion of Saul

In order to discover Sauls conversion let us first seek to find his conversion experience and what sort it was. Was Paul saved by raising a hand and repeating a prayer? or was he saved like the disciples and those in Acts? We have to get salvation right, not the charismatic way or the pentecostal way or the new way or any way but THE WAY.. yes that’s what it was called by Paul, who himself went about persecuting those of the way. “The way” speaks of the only ways the way of the Lord. and of the lord himself as “The way” Himself both salvation and deity, a person and an event. …

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