Every man needs a mission.
Every revelation reveals a mission
Every Move of God demands a move of the man of God

As a child I heard God speak to me. “Go” preach the gospel in America. As a Youth leader in a small Welsh Pentecostal church I heard that same message “Go!” God is still speaking to me to “GO’ The Divine Go is a compulsion. I was walking down the road the there morning and I heard the Lord speak to me these words,

Arise stand to thy feet” It was a command to Walk into the message he has for me… For this is why I appeared to you (with the the revelation of the name) to GO and preach among the gentiles.

“Arise stand to thy feet” yes it was a command to get up and arise to the challenge.

Choosing you out [selecting you for Myself] and [b]delivering you from among this [Jewish] people and the Gentiles to whom I am sending you (V17 AMP).

This true salvation message came to me while I was among the Americans, I went to America to preach but the Americans preached to me. I thought I could show them DESTINY but it was them that showed destiny to me. Thats where I knew God “selected me” and now knew it’s to them he now sends me.

To open their eyes that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may thus receive forgiveness and release from their sins and a place and portion among those who are consecrated and purified by faith in Me. (v18). This is the simple gospel command. That of preaching Jesus the light of the world. Never before has this revelation been so strong in me as it is now. Jesus as God. O what light! To see him as a Son alone is one thing but to know him as light, the same light that shone into darkness in the beginning of creation, he is that same light. he is the same speaker of that light. I go in not my own strength, For I know I can talk but it is he who speaks, I know I can preach but it is he alone who knows how to minster, and for this reason he spoke “let there be light” and continues to do so only him can bring a man out of religious darkness political chaos, meaningless madness. God if you still create and I know you do then i’ll know you can still open blind eyes to the truth of the revelation of the one true God, Jesus the Christ..

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