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When God Lights a Flame

A Man needs a Mission, A man needs a fire in his bones, a call to pursue, a task given from the almighty to follow, a goal to set his eyes toward. Samuel Wesley asked God to kindle a flame of sacred love deep inside his soul…. My Question to you today is, has God found that sacred flame in you, have you discovered that sacred call that won’t let you go? Read more on this Sacred Flame Mission series on with Brother Paul.

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The Kingdom Must Come With POWER

I am believing God to see churches in UK and America rise to the preaching of the true message of salvation that which the apostles preached. It was the gospel of the kingdom that shook then then known world and birthed the church. It will shake our world too, and our church. If you want a great AWAKENING then quit side stepping the one one thing that will make it happen for you. THIS SUNDAY you shall see the kingdom of God visit you when you do this….

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Pilgrimage for Adventurers Only.

Discover the secret of the man whose heart is set on Pilgrimage. A pilgrim is a man on a mission, a discovery of God and the souls of man. His heart beats with the gospel of truth and his word reflect the message of his maker. He is an ambassador, a man on assignment a man who has placed his hand to the plough and cannot go back. Divine pilgrimage! Discover your role as a pilgrim here on with Brother Paul on this weeks Teaching “Pilgrimage for Adventurers Only.”

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